Monday, April 18, 2011

Eee PC 901 paint job

At laaast! The 2-year warranty on my Eee PC 901 netbook has expired. Since I bought it its pearl white color was torture to my eyes (there were only white ones left at the store) but now I can finally pain it BLACK >:]

The disembowelment was kind of hard but here is the result:

Actually I was a bit surprised by of the assembly quality. Asus did a good job :)

Next I took all parts of the case, mask all necessary holes with duct tape (the mic, all the LED holes, etc.) and sand the parts a little. Then I removed any grease left and applied three layers of paint (with 2h for drying before applying the next  layer).

I left it for 24h to dry and here is it (I spent two hours assembling the damn thing):

Maybe not quite as I expected but it looks nice. :) Though I *should* have bought more expensive paint.
I left the battery white but maybe (someday) I'll paint it too. And maybe order some black keyboard & pad from ebay .... :)

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